Thomas Markhauser is a CrossFit Games athlete, coach, & former sprint canoer. In this episode we talk about his journey in sport and to the CrossFit games, the importance of emotional intelligence when competing with a team, leading with empathy, the power of community, and his experience leading a program in the gym for women going through Cancer.

Soheil is a soccer player, athlete, and content creator from Ottawa. In this episode we talk about his journey to playing pro, how he sets and attacks goals, how sharing his journey helps him stay accountable, the importance of auditing your environment and more.

In this video I break down my framework for setting process oriented goals, breaking them down into daily habits, how celebrating the small wins helps you stay disciplined, and my thoughts on performance vs aesthetic based goals for athletes.

If you’ve been interested in learning more about cold exposure therapy or ice baths, but not sure how to start or why it’s beneficial, this is a great intro as it’s only 12 minutes long and doesn’t get into all the complicated science behind it. 

Jim talks about the #1 thing most athletes struggle with, the difference between good & great, mental toughness, mental health & his famous quotes.