EP 145 – NHL goalie Corey Hirsch on changing sports culture around mental health

Corey is a former NHL goalie, host of Blindsided (a Players Tribune podcast), and author.

He also has OCD.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Corey’s editorial in the Players Tribune in 2017
  • Opening up about mental health and seeking help
  • Corey’s hockey journey
  • Sports culture around mental health & why Corey didn’t share his story earlier
  • How we can change the stigma (in and out of sport)
  • Advice for athlete’s currently struggling with their mental health
  • Corey’s podcast and what he’s learnt from interviewing top athletes on mental health

Players Tribune article: theplayerstribune.com/articles/corey-hirsch-dark-dark-dark

Corey’s book: www.amazon.ca/Save-My-Life-Corey-Hirsch/dp/1443461091

Corey’s website: coreyhirsch.com

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