Monthly Archives: November 2020

Justin Rasch is an animator, director, and mover who has worked on projects such as The Spongebob movie, Coraline, Alien Xmas & more. We chat his journey as an artist, movement, social media pros and cons, and balance.

Mikey Taylor is a pro skateboarder turned entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Saint Archer Brewery & President of Commune Capital. He talks about his career, life after sports, mental health, entrepreneurship, building wealth and more!

Jana is the founder of Joga – yoga for athletes and trains pro athletes in every major sport league. Learn about how she started Joga as well as her ongoing recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

Dawn Fletcher is the founder of Driven Mind Training, where she works as a mental performance coach for competitive athletes primarily in the sport of CrossFit, as well as other individual, team and action sports athletes.