How To Set Goals That STICK In 2022

In 2022 I strive to stay consistent and diligent with my daily habits, as well as achieve a large fitness related goal (watch the full video to learn what that is). In this video I break down my framework for setting process oriented goals, breaking them down into daily habits, how celebrating the small wins helps you stay disciplined, and my thoughts on performance vs aesthetic based goals for athletes.

0:00 My 2021 challenges

0:44 Journalling to review your past habits & goals

1:23 What values are

1:33 Setting intentions for the new year

2:48 Using a whiteboard to breakdown your goals

4:50 My 2022 fitness goal / challenge

6:43 Process oriented goals vs result based goals

8:00 Performance vs aesthetics

9:47 The trap athletes (especially female athletes) often fall into

10:04 Athlete body image