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This week’s episode is all about failure. Especially with the Olympics now finished up, I wanted to talk about the concept of failure and failing at things. Hopefully this can reframe or perhaps shift your perspective on the concept of failure, whether that is an athlete in sports, or in other aspects of your life!

In this episode Nat shares her experience with fear as a former winter sport / action sport athlete, how we can lean into fear, how trauma can cause fear and how we can better bounce back from experiences when our fears become reality, the relationship between fear and flow for high performance (sport and life), and how to push your comfort zone without too high a level of fear.

In this episode Natalie talks about how your ego and identity protect you, and how she challenged her own limiting beliefs through a recent running challenge. If you have goals, big or small, and never want anything to hold you back, this episode is a must listen!

Failure is a scary word to many youth and adults alike. However, the top achievers in the world, and some of the happiest people as well, know that failure is simply part of the process.

Manteo Mitchell broke his leg halfway through the men’s 4 x 400m ath the London Olympics & kept going. Manteo discusses his track & field comeback, how he dealt with the mental repercussion of his injury, and his new journey of trying to qualify for the Winter Olympics in bobsled.