EP 123 – Trauma in Sports – How Athletes Can Re-train Their Nervous System

Paige Roberts is a performance neuro trainer with a background in social work. In this episode we talk about how athletes can reprocess trauma to heal and train their nervous system for improved mental health and performance. The episode starts with Paige’s personal journey and experience with trauma as an athlete, into how she now has turned that into helping athletes of all levels have the tools to handle the mental side of sports. 

Specifically, Paige shares about brain spotting, something she does in her clinic with clients, as well as how you can try brain spotting at home to help process trauma. Paige also shares free / low-cost tools you can use to train & regulate your nervous system to have improves mental health and performance.

*Trigger warning* this podcast speaks on trauma, specifically eating disorders, substance abuse, suicide & mental illness, & sexual abuse.

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