EP 067 – Liz Gleadle on REM sleep, anxiety, learning & using the Whoop band to track 2020 changes

In this episode 2x Olympian (and Tokyo hopeful) Liz Gleadle joins Nat to talk about their similar experiences with sleep, anxiety, and learning in 2020 as things in the World changed – and the data their Whoop bands have shown in reflection to this. We chat about why we think these data trends may be happening as well as a strategy of what we are going to do to about them to learn more and reflect on the exact reasoning. We’ll definitely be doing a follow up episode after 90 days!

What we are going to be tracking for the next 90 days (listen to learn more on why we’re tracking these things):

-Time spent outside / in flow

-Level of anxiety & decision fatigue

-Voyeurism / Social Media Scrolling time (time spent mindlessly scrolling, not time spent creating / sharing)

We are then comparing these things to our recovery and sleep (specifically REM sleep) scores on our Whoop bands. Don’t have a Whoop band? Use this link to save $30 off: https://join.whoop.com/allport

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