EP 072 – Pro triathlete Liam Donnelly on focusing on the process & managing an extreme training schedule as a student athlete

Liam Donnelly is a Canadian pro triathlete, future Olympic hopeful, student & entrepreneur!

In this episode he shares his daily routine managing a full course with training 5-7 hours a day, his long-term process focused mindset (key!), his experience making the transition to pro events, as well as his training, nutrition, and recovery. I was extremely impressed by Liam’s process focused mindset. It’s hard to be that dedicated as a young athlete to something that may not pay off how you envision it to until 8 years down the line. Whether you’re an athlete or not, endurance enthusiast or not, this podcast has some great insights on what it means to be dedicated as a student athlete – or anyone with a long term vision.

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