Use Ikigai To Find Your Purpose In Life & Work

Are you struggling to find your why, what lights you up, what you should pursue in business or life as your personal MISSION?

Introducing Ikigai.

Ikigai is a Japanese term that loosely translates to reason for being, a sense of purpose or meaning. “Iki” translates to life, and “kai” translates to the realisation of hope and expectations.

The Ikigai Venn diagram has intersections that show, your passion, your mission, your work. These are sections where some intersect, but not all.

The ultimate dream is to spend your time doing something that’s in the middle of all the circles (or on all the lists), your IKIGAI, but it’s not necessary, as a balanced life looks different to everyone, and your top passion doesn’t HAVE to be your main form of work. Maybe you want a certain high paying job or business to be able to spend time working on your side passion or mission, or to go on trips with your family or whatever it may be.

Here is a great graphic showing how to find your Ikigai:

Credits to Hackerrnoon for the graphic.

Separating into lists, or into the graphic, you will tap into what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, what you can be paid for (this is growing in our digital age!).

The following video I created has some more info on finding your why and purpose using IKIGAI:

Steps to find your why:

  • Follow your passions and NOTICE them
  • Remember your passions don’t have to pay the bills. Doing things just for fun is worthwhile
  • Note down what lights you up when you feel that way
  • Spend time reflecting and writing things down. Otherwise we get caught up and don’t notice until months or years later that we have built something that is not serving our current of future life or fulfilling us
  • Try new things and notice what you do and do not like

A key trait you need for finding your why is developing self-awareness. In fact, a study by Cornell identified self-awareness as the #1 indicator of success. Afterall, how do we know if we have achieved success if we have not first defined it?

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