EP 078 – Val Whiting on playing in the early days of the WNBA, CyberBullying & Confidence

Val Whiting is a former collegiate and professional basketball player. She played center for the Stanford Cardinal women’s basketball during her four years of pre-med study at Stanford and went on to be part of the ABL and then the WNBA during the early years of the league. Over the past year she has built an incredible following on TikTok through uplifting, highlighting, and supporting female athletes, which came with a downside of cyber bullying which she discusses on the podcast. Val also provides mental coaching to female ballers by helping eliminate their doubt and increase their confidence so they can crush it on and off the court. 

In this podcast we talk about Val’s cyber bullying experience, her journey in high school & college, what she struggled with mentally during her time in the WNBA, tips to build confidence for athletes, and how parents can best support their athletic children without it turning toxic.

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