EP 070 – Pro athlete turned coach on being elite, high performance habits, HRV & optimal sleep

Justin Roethlingshoefer is a former pro hockey player & CrossFit games athlete who turned his focus into helping others become elite. He takes a scientific and data based approached to everything he does, & is an expert on all things wearables & HRV (heart rate variability). Justin experienced a truth many successful people are constantly encountering. He reached the pinnacle of his profession as a strength and conditioning coach, working in the NHL. However, Justin discovered that his overall happiness and contentment with life was nonexistent. As he reflected on his path to reach what he considered his career goal, Justin realized he sacrificed a great deal that cost him in other important facets of life – relationships, emotional health, family, and maintaining a pure joy in all that he was doing.

In this episode Justin shares his thoughts on the current culture around high performance, why what works for Tom Brady might not work for you, the 8 pillars you need to master to be elite, optimal sleep habits, as well as stress & HRV. This episode is packed full of high performance habits and tips, so make sure to listen right till the end!

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