Change your mindset, change your life w. Charles Clark

This episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated! This conversation was definitely in my top 3 of the year, and I think you may agree!

Charles is an incredible speaker who was once the 6th fastest man on Earth until a 99% tear of his quad sent him packing his bags to move back home to live with his mom, unsure of what life would look like next. He went from feeling like he went from the top of the world to the bottom, to reframing that perspective and starting to share his story and help others through that journey.

As Charles became more vulnerable in sharing his story, others began to open themselves up to him as well, and he has now spoke on several stages, founded Thrive events, and created the Thrive planner!

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Link mentioned in podcast: http://thecharlesclark.com/willstatements

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